Middle east to Africa freedom & education

Middle east to Africa freedom & education

Middle east to Africa freedom & education
Per annual

We are looking for volunteer works whom will want to develop their company in africa for our new world generation order.

What needed:




And nurses/doctors.

We will offer more pay for Does leaving western world too work at eastern world all from middle east too africa plus behind africa, our goal is to teach the true history of Does cultures from all east world nation as we feel education should be provided for all as well as providing the knowledge we are opening up applications in which will all many from western world too come build schools and also provide all services which is needed too get the schools running. Every kid or even human being needs education so we will provide free school care, free meals also one and one teaching. Our vision has always been the economy pays global tmmsb 1 billion too provide all support needed too provide all global education from their true history as this is all going towards home schooling and building schools once all is set and ready team global would provide our price above for many that would like too take school loans which is built on cases of providing a way for many working or involved supporting the schools a discount price too pay for annual school fees so for every 5 years 10k most be paid.

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